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Ancestral Christmas Traditions
Amid the speed of the modern world, Christmas seems to be a time when most people stop to reflect back on simpler times--times when the scent of wood smoke wafted through the chilly air, when bands of carolers sang joyous holiday songs, when neighbors and friends greeted each other. No other holiday in America boasts such a wealth of traditions and customs.

How to Contact Living Relatives
The following are some ideas for contacting living relatives about your shared family history.

Lexicons of Lost Lifestyles: Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch, Part 2
Words and phrases from the fields of ranching and farming have been around since the time of our ancestors. This second of two articles on the topic examines some of these terms and their origins.

Footnote.Com And The National Archives Launch InternetG s Largest Interactive World War II Collection and the National Archives and Records Administration announced today the release of the first ever interactive World War II collection, which includes an interactive version of the USS Arizona Memorial, WWII Hero Pages, and WWII photos and documents previously unavailable on the internet.

Making a Living in New Orleans
New Orleans was a port most immigrants merely passed through on their way elsewhere. But by 1823, there were dozens of commercial houses conducting business in the Second City of the United States.

Genealogy Gifts for the Non-Genealogist
Yes, you can give genealogy related gifts to the non-genealogists in your family. Many of these gift ideas will not take much time and may just require you to gather some photos or documents and head to your computer or to your nearby copy shop.

We Are What We Do
A person's occupation defines themG their character, their level of education, and eventually their location. But many family genealogists neglect to consider what their ancestors did for a living.

Friends of the Family
Friends, especially close friends, may very well have information to share about your ancestor . . . or you may information to share with them.

Lexicons of Lost Lifestyles: Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch
Many words and phrases we use today had their origins in the early activities of farming and ranching. Here we examine a few of the terms that our rancher and farmer ancestors used and how they have evolved.

Irish-Canadians Hold Symposium
The LAC has indexed and digitized a variety of documents, such as lists of births and deaths at sea, hospital registers (personal effects of the people who died), journals, letters, photographs, and maps.

New U.S. City Directories Database at
While they've had thousands of city directories on the site for some years now, many of these databases contain no page images, and the ones that do mostly contain bi-tonal black and white images (not grayscale).

New National Personnel Records Center to be Built in St. Louis
The new facility will replace the 1950s-era Military Personnel Records Center now at 9700 Page Avenue in St. Louis and a portion of the Civilian Personnel Records Center on Winnebago Road in St. Louis. Launches Global Public Indexing Initiative and Announces First Collaboration With the Federation of Genealogical So Introduces the World Archives Project to Preserve and Provide Online Access to Historical Records

Back To School: What Type of Information Can You Expect to Find in School Records - Part 1
It may be time for you to research their school records G secondary resources, often overlooked by novice genealogists and an excellent way to mold an image of your ancestors as people and not just names in your family tree.

National Archives Introduces New Genealogy Programs
These programs, which are free and open to the public, will be held in Room G-24 of the National Archives Building located at 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Your Personal History
A personal history will provide your descendants with information about your life that will enrich their future genealogical pursuits.

New Orleans Interments
There are several sources for finding where your ancestor was buried in New Orleans. This is true even if they were not buried in a church cemetery.

Myheritage and Family Tree DNA Partner to Help People Trace Family History Using DNA
FamilyTreeDNA users can take advantage of MyHeritage's site to not only further research family history, but also stay connected with current family members around the world.

Switching Search Directions
Genealogists frequently hit a brickwall when they don't reason through their research problems, they give up prematurely, or they are in a rut with their research. The same old plan of action and the same routine can provide negative results, even if the answer is not that difficult to locate.

The #1 Rated genealogy software in the UK is now available at 1500 Target stores in the US
Family Historian 3, the highest rated family tree software in the U.K. is now available in the United States and Canada.

And off they went . . .
Many families have given the ultimate sacrifice in times of war, and many have lost more than a single family member. Others, return home but "the spectre of war never subsides."

Back To School - How to Find School Records - Part 3
You can locate records from primary and secondary schools by contacting the board of education in the county or town in which the child attended school. To obtain college and university academic records and transcripts, contact the registrar's office for the institution.

Women Veterans
While researching a female ancestor who was a veteran is similar to researching a male veteran, there are some additional resoruces to consider.

Library And Archives Canada Partners With Ancestry.Ca
Partnership allows unprecedented online access to Canadian historical records

Online State Encyclopedias
When researching a family it is as important to learn about the time period and locality the family lived as it is to know about the family's biographical information. To make your research easier, you may want to check out an online state encyclopedia.

Scrapbooking Your Family Tree
Every once in a while I come across a subject that I have never delved into and I am surprised by how extensive and wide spread the activity is being enjoyed by the mainstream public. Such a subject is scrapbooking.

Hail to the Chief
Are you related to a President? These suggestions could help you prove, or disprove that family legend.

Quoth the Raven . . .
The psychological horror in the works of poet and mystery writer Edgar Allan Poe are often thought to be a reflection of his own life . . . is it fact or fiction? The story behind the "official" biography of Edgar Allan Poe illustrates how error and bias can linger regardless of efforts to set the record straight.

Genetic Genealogy and Family Tree Research, Part 2
While genetic genealogy (DNA testing) is not a replacement for traditional genealogy research methods, it is a useful new tool that can sometimes bridge gaps where paper trails have dried up. Part 2 of this two-part article presents an overview of the five-year worldwide Genographic DNA Project and some DNA success stories. Launches the World's Largest Online Collection of Jewish Historical Documents Partners with JewishGen and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) to Provide Access to Millions of Jewish Family History Records for People around the World

Familybuilder Introduces FamilybuilderDNA
Familybuilder also announces today that starting October 15, 2008 it will offer highly affordable genealogy DNA tests -- priced at an unprecedented $59.95 -- to help people learn more about their lineages and find long lost relatives. By combining its social networking prowess and the lowest price point found anywhere, Familybuilder seeks to bring DNA to the masses.

Religion In New Orleans
Religion has always played a big role in New Orleans. From early arrival of the Ursuline sisters throughout New Orleans history, religion has been important.

Finding Clues through Fraternal Links
Exploring fraternal memberships for genealogy clues.

Irish Records Collection now online
One of the largest collections of Irish records available is being released online by This forms part of a programme to add more than 10 million new records by the end of this year.

I Love Libraries
Genealogists enjoy sharing stories about their research in libraries. They tend to flaunt the number of large genealogy libraries they have used or the latest they have visited.

To Catch a Thief
Many researchers joke about finding a horse thief in their family tree. How about a horse thief detective? An interesting "society" was formed in the United States during its formative years and into the twentieth century that has left a body of records sure to be of interest to genealogists.

Civil War WidowsG Pension Now Available On The Internet For The First Time
Having never been microfilmed before, the Civil War Pension Files were previously accessible only at the National Archives in Washington, DC. Now, through this project, anyone can access these records via the internet exclusively on

The Ontario Genealogical Society Expands Its Coverage
In 2009, the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) will expand its coverage to include six historical societies and two Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

New Orleans: Healthy Life in the New World
Many emigrants were escaping starvation and poor health care in Europe and elsewhere. But just getting to the New World healthy and alive proved to be a challenge. Announces First Genealogist Columnist, the world's largest online historic newspaper database, has partnered with Phyllis Matthews Ziller, M.L.I.S., webmaster of, to showcase genealogy writing.

The Witness
Names of witnesses are important in your research. Do not skip over them without some thought and research. They may be relatives, friends, neighbors, legal officials or non-acquaintances. Their names may provide links or clues for more research in determining your own ancestry.

Live Roots -- A new Website from Genealogy Today
Live Roots is a free genealogy search engine that allows visitors to search through thousands of database titles from subscription sites, books publishers and a variety of online sites.

Genealogy Today Launches Live Roots Meta Search Website
Source: Genealogy Today Press Release

Food for Thought

Education in New Orleans
School records are often overlooked as a genealogical resource. They can document students as well as teachers. That is certainly true of New Orleans. Reveals Who Would be King of America and Candidate Roots as Presidential Election
What If America Had King Paul Instead Of President McCain or Obama? What Family Ties Do Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin Have in Key Election Battleground States and to Royalty?

Summit County Ohio Court Receives Grant
Hundreds of thousands of historic records will be freely available online

The Walking Pioneers
Today we resent it when airlines restrict us to 50 pounds of luggage. Imagine moving from Illinois to Utah -- and having a 17 pounds luggage restriction!

Back To School: Types of School Records - Part 2
School records come in a variety of forms. Not all supply detailed information. Some present just vital statistics while others delve into the behavior and activities of students.

Dundurn Group Partners With, Inc. To Bring More Than 400 Genealogical and Historical Books Online

Beyond the Index
Indexes are invaluable tools for accessing original information; however, they are subject to error and can be deceiving.

The Arts in New Orleans
Music,dance, art, and Mardi Gras. New Orleans is known for its entertainment. That is nothing new. But why New Orleans?

The Ethnicity of New Orleans Immigrants
The ethnicity of New Orleans arrivals varied greatly. So who were they?

Sharing Old Photos
Pretty much everyone has a collection of old photos, many with minimal to no identifying information. Such photos typically end up at the bottom of the picture box and stored away -- sometimes even thrown away. Today there are options for sharing these old photos.

Migration Patterns Reflected by Township Government
Even genealogists might be surprised to learn that townships can reflect migration patterns.

Memoirs versus Written History
Ideas for writing and presenting your family history. Takes Social Networking into the Past
Russ Wilding, CEO of Footnote, demonstrated Footnote Pages to an audience of over 1,500 investors, bloggers, and major media outlets. Described as Facebook for the Deceased, these pages feature a photo gallery, an interactive timeline and map, and other tools that bring people together to create a more colorful and rich picture of the past.

Chinese-Canadians Immigrants Now Online
All of the records kept by the federal government to document them as they came to Canada were gathered by the Library and Archives Canada (LAC).

23andMe and Partner to Extend Access to Genetic Ancestry Expertise
23andMe, Inc., the industry leader in personal genetics, and, the world's largest online family history resource with nearly 3 million active users and 875,000 subscribers, have teamed up to provide improved genetic information to's DNA customers.

The Pineapple as a Symbol of Colonial Prosperity
Interesting facts about the symbolism of the pineapple.


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